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Cooperation - English version




RejseTanker.dk in English means "Travel Thoughts" and is a Danish personal travel portal, with all content based on personal travel experiences. 

With our many articles written from all over the world and often directly from the seashore, a jungle hut or a sidewalk cafe, we inspire our many readers with everything from planning, travel tips and area descriptions, to detailed city guides and reviews of attractions, hotels and restaurants etc.

Behind RejseTanker.dk

Charlotte B. Gade Rejseredaktør pa RejseTanker.dk

My name is Charlotte B. Gade and I am travel editor, blogger, reviewer, ad controller, frontend engineer, designer and not least, the happy founder of this fantastic travel portal.

On RejseTanker.dk I write, along with several guest bloggers, travel articles and reviews on everything from destinations, city guides and travel tips, to flight tickets, hotels, restaurants, etc.

I love to travel and i'm happy to share all my amazing experiences, and I'm convinced that personal recommendations provide the best experiences - that's why I started RejseTanker.dk

I travel as much as I can, and have done since I left college 25 years ago.

When I was 20, I backpacked through England, USA, Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia alone for a year.

When I ended my 20 year career in the advertising industry, I went on another world tour, this time with my husband and child.

Every year throughout February and March, I travel at least a month with my two youngest children. The only requirement for this trip is; it has to be far away, it has to be warm, it must be close to the sea, and we stay maximum for 1 week at the same location.

The rest of the year we travel about 2-4 times, but only 1-2 weeks at a time, and often I am also off on press trips for 2-4 days or weekend getaways.

Cooperating with RejseTanker.dk

RejseTanker.dk offers several options concerning cooperation;

  • On our scheduled trips - Travel 2017 - full or partial cooperation
  • Press & blogger trips 
  • Tests and advertorials of travel relevant products
  • Competitions (limited)

We welcome any other suggestions for cooperation on Denne email adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den.

RejseTanker.dk is a member of the Nordic TB, which is a digital network with professional and influential journalists and travel writers from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland, and that creates innovative marketing and participating in various campaigns for destinations, brands and companies.

Common to all articles is that whether our travels in cooperation with tour operators or sponsored travel, all articles will be written based on our own personal considerations and will not be influenced by our partners.

All articles will be published on RejseTanker.dk and will subsequently be tagged and hastagged on all of our social media.

Audiences at RejseTanker.dk

RejseTanker.dks readers are mainly 20+ years and divided into these groups; 

  • Families with children
  • Couples - better travels
  • Single Travelers
  • Adventure Travelers
  • Backpackers

For more detailed info on our target groups - please contact us on Denne email adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den. 

Monthly statistics for RejseTanker.dk 2016 

Number of articles: approx 678
Number of registered members: approx 2200
Visitors: approx 30,000

Our Social Media are: FacebookInstagramGoogle+TwitterYoutube and we actively participates in several major Scandinavian travel blogs and travel network communities.

Our dedicated readers and our many guest bloggers are also widely sharing our stories on their social media.

On RejseTanker.dk and all our social media, the number of visitors are daily increasing with travel happy readers from all over Scandinavia - who seeks inspiration or information on family holidays, city breaks, exotic beaches, world tours etc. - or to read personal reviews that guides them to choose the best options.

NEWS: RejseTanker.dk re-launch a brand new upgraded website early May

We have very high expectations for 2017, with the re-launch of our new website, which in addition to many new opportunities for our registered users and readers, also will be built with responsive design, multiple languages, a new Review category with API hotel integration, more focus on newsletters and many other exciting things.